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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A portable word wall…

My room does not have the best wall space.  More specifically, I only have 1 tiny magnetic whiteboard and 1 tiny bulletin board.  Ugh… I really was not up to measuring and stapling a word wall onto a blank wall… SOOO much work!  I found a HUGE magnetic whiteboard in one of our storage closets.  Getting hung was taking forever, so I needed to throw out an audible… Oh yeah, Peyton’s back!  Not so psyched about being a Bronco, but nonetheless, he is back… okay enough of that tangent…

I put my thinking cap on and was trying to brainstorm about how I wanted to use the word wall this year.  Over the years, I made note of the difficulties students had in seeing the tiny words or reaching the words when doing word work.  I was not really up for creating magnetic word wall cards with all the other tasks I had piling up as I transitioned to a new grade…. so what to do…

I love to follow Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files.  She had created a fabulous and extensive list of frequently used words.  Unfortunately, the list was just too big for my kiddos.  I inquired about the set up she used as well as the fonts.  I really liked the format of her list.  With the information in hand, I went to work.

Wait for it….. wait for it…  Here it is!  Woohoo!  A portable word wall!


I used PowerPoint to create the nice columns.  We use the Sitton Spelling Word List #37-130, so those words are included on the list.  I included #1-29 as well.  I used a larger size for the font to meet the needs of my students with visual impairments.  I used rubber cement to secure 1 page to each side of a file folder.  Then, off to the laminator I go…


I am super excited to use these!  These portable word walls sit on the student tables.  Students can access them at any time necessary, thus eliminating the squinty eyes or aimless walks to the big ol’ word wall.  Plus, students can take them around the room during Daily 5 work.  Since they are laminated, students can use Sharpies to add any new words or tricky words.

Grab your free copy {here}!  I hope you find these as useful as I do!

Let me know whatcha think!



  1. Replies
    1. You're very welcome! Let me know how you use them in your classroom.

      Allison :)

  2. Hi Allison!! I love how yours came out! Thanks for the sweet words and email :) :)

    1. Thanks! They are proving to be very useful for our students. I was thinking of making a much small version for the their writing/ reading workshop notebooks. Hmmm... that might be my next project... :)

      Thanks for the inspiration!
      Allison :)